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And the Winners are….Mrs. Almodoba and Mrs. Pfund!!

Love seeing such happy Roadrunners. Another snow cone party for the top classes. We are so incredibly proud of how hard all of you are working. Keep it up!

Go Mrs. Cooke’s Class!

Another snow cone party! Way to go Mrs. Cooke’s Class!! You hit it out of the ballpark this week. We are so proud of all the hard work and dedication¬† these Roadrunners are doing. Keep it up and let’s see who is next for a class snow cone or popcorn party. GO ROADRUNNERS!!!

We have some WINNERS!

We are off to a great start Roadrunners!! Here are the winners for class prize. Yummy! Those snow cones look great on such a hot day. CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Pepe and her AMAZING students. We are so proud of the hard work you are doing Roadrunners. We wonder who will be next?

Run-a-Palooza Kickoff!!

Rocky the Roadrunner showed up for our 1st Annual Run-A-Palooza kick off!! Roadrunner pride was everywhere. This will be an amazing event for all of us. All proceeds,that’s right, 100% of ALL donations will stay at Richardson. Mr. Linker was our hype MC today. He got the crowd excited and motivated to get running. We …

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